Satellite imagery shows Russian attack on Ukraine from space

Satellite imagery gives another perspective on the developing situation in Ukraine, as Russian troops move into the country and strikes occur in multiple Ukrainian cities.

Russia launched an unprecedented invasion early on Thursday, with reports showing attacks by ground and air after Russian President Vladimir Putin announced a “special military operation.”

Imagery from US company Planet shows a dark plume of smoke rising from Chuhuiv Air Base, which is located outside of Kharkiv, Ukraine. The airbase was reportedly struck by a missile.

Space company Maxar captured more satellite imagery of Chuhuiv Air Base on Thursday, which showed more damage to fuel storage areas and other airport infrastructure.

Further Maxar imagery showed military forces and more than 50 heavy equipment transporters at the Brestsky training area near Brest, Belarus.

About six miles east of the Ukrainian border, a military convoy was spotted by Maxar imagery near Sergievka, Russia – headed west toward Ukraine.

Satellite imagery of the Russian invasion was limited earlier on Thursday, with cloud cover affecting the ability to see the attacks and troop movements from space — particularly in the southern section of Ukraine.