Microsoft and other technology companies dominate the list of companies with the best perks and benefits

Tech companies Microsoft, Adobe, and HubSpot are the top-ranked major employers for perks and perks, according to job search site Comparably’s latest salary survey.

The website determined the rankings based on employee feedback over the past year.

“Beyond competitive pay, great perks and benefits continue to play a major role in what makes a place to work,” said Jason Nazar, Comparably’s co-founder and chief executive officer, in a statement. “From fully paid healthcare and unlimited time off to fertility and adoption benefits, more and more companies are expanding their offerings to improve the lives of their employees.”

The list includes the top 100 rated large companies with more than 500 employees and the top 100 rated small and medium-sized companies with fewer than 500 employees.

Employees rated their companies anonymously on between September 14, 2021 and September 14, 2022. You were asked questions such as “Are you satisfied with your services?” and “How would you rate the benefits of your office?”

“Microsoft’s performance is best in class,” said an anonymous employee of the Tech giant that has taken first place among big companies. “Health insurance and money for fitness expenses are extremely generous.”

Below are the top 50 large and top 50 small and medium-sized businesses that made the list.

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Best Big Companies for Perks and Benefits

  1. Microsoft: Redmond, Washington
  2. Adobe: San Jose, California
  3. HubSpot: Cambridge, Mass
  4. Chegg: anta Clara, California
  5. Meta: Menlo Park, California
  6. Above: san francisco
  7. Boston Consulting Group: Boston
  8. ZipRecruiter: Santa Monica, California
  9. Snap Inc: Santa Monica, California
  10. LinkedIn: Sunnyvale, California
  11. Calix: San Jose, California
  12. San Mateo, California
  13. Google Mountain View, California
  14. RingCentral: Belmont, California
  15. 6sense: san francisco
  16. nCino: Wilmington, North Carolina
  17. Asurion: Nashville, Tennessee
  18. LG Electronics North America: Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey
  19. Durable: Columbia, Maryland
  20. PayPal: San Jose, California
  21. Place: new York
  22. Costco: Issaquah, Washington
  23. GoodRx: Santa Monica, California
  24. Experience: Costa Mesa, California
  25. JUICE: Newtown Square, Pa
  26. Cisco: San Jose, California
  27. CarGurus: Cambridge, Mass
  28. Pendos: Raleigh, North Carolina
  29. Farmers insurance: Woodland Hills, California
  30. NUCOR: Charlotte, North Carolina
  31. VMware: Palo Alto, California
  32. Estee Lauder companies: new York
  33. Radiation Technologies: Huntsville, Alabama
  34. travel time: Tempe, Ariz
  35. Packet Overflow: New-York, New-York
  36. Pipefy: san francisco
  37. Sales loft: Atlanta
  38. Cafe Rio Mexican Grill: Salt Lake City
  39. City National Bank of Florida: Miami
  40. Carvana: Tempe, Ariz
  41. axon: Scottsdale, Arizona
  42. mind tickle: san francisco
  43. Top Golf: Dallas
  44. BAL: Richardson, Texas
  45. rise: st louis
  46. Algolia: san francisco
  47. Working day: Pleasanton, California
  48. Samsung Semiconductor (USA): San Jose, California
  49. Vena solutions:— Toronto
  50. Medal: san francisco

Best Small to Medium Businesses for Perks and Benefits

  1. Civic Financial Services: redone Beach, California
  2. connectRN: Waltham, Massachusetts
  3. Route: Lehi, Utah
  4. Phantom Pharmaceuticals: Florham Park, New Jersey
  5. Wistia: Cambridge, Mass
  6. InVision: New-York, New-York
  7. Curbio: Potomac
  8. Velosio: Columbus, Ohio
  9. Form: Fremont, California
  10. HG Insights: Santa Barbara, California
  11. backblaze: San Mateo, California
  12. Lever: san francisco
  13. ThomasARTS: Farmington, Utah
  14. Therapy Brands: Birmingham, Alabama
  15. Mix panel: san francisco
  16. Virtana: Palo Alto, California
  17. data rails: new York
  18. Teleport: Oakland, California
  19. san francisco
  20. Hourly: Palo Alto, California
  21. simPRO software: Broomfield, Colorado
  22. cake insurance: Washington, D.C
  23. san francisco
  24. Applied VR: los Angeles
  25. Motivation: Lehi, Utah
  26. Ear: San Jose, California
  27. Riverside Payments: Vancouver, Washington
  28. EQRx: Cambridge, Mass
  29. Intrusive Ads: Lindon, Utah
  30. OpenPhone: san francisco
  31. Armorblox: Sunnyvale
  32. OneTeamStudy: Boston, Mass
  33. Syapse: san francisco
  34. Tinder: los Angeles
  35. Golden Hippopotamus: Woodland Hills, California
  36. Crib: san francisco
  37. Branch: Palo Alto, California
  38. Grindr: West Hollywood, California
  39. Convincing Infotech Pittsburgh
  40. light year: new York
  41. Kajabi: Irvine, California
  42. IZEA: Winter Park, Fla
  43. CaptivateIQ: san francisco
  44. DataGrail: san francisco
  45. blood red: Waltham, Massachusetts
  46. Digital media solutions: Clearwater, Fla
  47. Zappi: Boston
  48. CSI Company: Jacksonville, Fla
  49. Content Stack: san francisco
  50. Prove: new York