According to Yahoo! Finance:

“JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon blasted working from home (WFH) and Zoom as ‘management by Hollywood Squares,’ reiterating his long-held preference that workers return to the office.”

The article goes on to say that “Dimon has argued that remote work creates a working environment that’s less honest and more prone to procrastination,” and quoted the Chase CEO as saying, “a lot of people at home are texting each other, sometimes saying what a jerk that person is.”

Who Are You Calling a Jerk?

A “lot of people are at home texting each other, saying what a jerk that person is”?


If anything, people are texting each other, saying what a jerk some other person is

People are texting each other, though—from the office as well as from home.

You know what people in the office do all day? They shop online, text their friends, chit chat with co-workers, go to meetings, and occasionally get some real work done.

Same as what people at home do.

Procrastination Explanation

Dimon says working from home creates an environment that’s “more prone to procrastination.”

Go proof?