The US Supreme Court may have ruled against employers ordering vaccinations, but that doesn’t matter to Jamie Dimon and other Wall Street bosses, who have been adamant about ensuring employees get the life-saving shots.

“To go into the office you have to be vaccinated and if you don’t get vaccinated you can’t work in this office,” Dimon told CNBC last week. The institution he heads, JPMorgan
Chase is America’s largest bank by assets and has nine offices, including its headquarters, in New York, where 97% of employees are vaccinated, according to Dimon. “We’re not going to pay you not to work in the office… We want people to be vaccinated.”

The country’s largest banks have long refused to take a political stand for fear of alienating customers, investors and even some executives. But when it comes to vaccines, which are widely favored by Democrats and denounced by many Republicans, Wall Street has taken a firm stance.

Some of the banks have had rules for months and the institutions are being contacted by them forbes said unanimously that they plan to stay with them no matter what the Supreme Court says. Alongside JPMorgan, Bank of America
, Citigroup
, Goldman Sachs
, MorganStanley
and Wells Fargo
all require staff to at least disclose their vaccination status.

Bank of America took a carrot approach, offering a $200 bonus to all vaccinated employees.

Morgan Stanley requires all employees to be vaccinated to gain access to its New York City or Westchester County offices.

Goldman Sachs has announced that booster shots will be mandatory for all US employees starting February 1st.

Wells Fargo requires employees to register their vaccination status this month, with unvaccinated employees required to undergo regular testing, a decision unchanged by the court ruling.

“Wells Fargo will continue our testing program,” said a bank spokesman forbes. “We believe it’s the right thing to do for the safety of all employees and our customers.”